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The Medici family was the first who took care of the arrangement of the Giardino di Boboli, which extends behind Palazzo Pitti, creating a prototype of the "Italian garden" that became a model for many European courts.
The vast area is a veritable outdoor museum with antique and Renaissance statues, large fountains, natural architectures and artificial caves conceived as genuine sets like the lovely one created by Bernardo Buontalenti.
The fascinating paths allow the visitor to capture the spirit of the court life and in the meanwhile to enjoy the experience of a garden always renewed while respecting its tradition.

Opening hours:
From Tuesday to Sunday
8:15 – 16:30 in November, December, January, February
8:15 – 17:30 in March (18:30 with daylight saving time)
8:15 – 18:30 in April, May, September and October
8:15 – 17:30 in October coinciding with the change from summer time to winter time
8:15 – 18:30 in June, July, August
Last admission is always one hour before closing.

The Garden can be subject to changes of time or temporary closures in the case of particularly adverse weather events that can endanger the safety of people and property.

First and last Monday of each month, 1st January, Christmas

Free admission days
March 24, June 23, August 4, August 27, October 6, October 11, October 31, November 3, November 30, December 1

Full ticket: € 10,00
Reduced ticket : € 2,00
Reservation fee: € 3,00

The ticket for the Boboli gardens also includes access to the Museo delle Porcellane and to the Giardino Bardini.

Annual subscription: € 25
The subscription is valid for 365 days, includes all temporary exhibitions and priority admission, thus allowing the holder to skip the queue.