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Palazzo Davanzati, the 14th century mansion of the Davizzi family of merchants and bankers, projects its imposing facade on the square, once populated by ancient tower-houses.
The palace was built around the half of the 14th century, from the consolidation of some tower-houses and other Davizzi’s property, but it took the name from the Davanzati family, who acquired it in 1578, enriching the facade with a large crest representing their family’s arms. Davanzati lived there until 1838, year of the tragic death of the last heir Carlo. The Palace, purchased in 1904 by the great antiquarian Elia Volpi, who inaugurated it as a museum of the ancient Florentine house, as a sample of the "Florentine" taste much appreciated by Italian and foreigners, lived the first half of the last century, undergoing sales, purchasing and failures of antique dealers, until the final purchase by the Italian State and the subsequent opening as a public museum.

Visiting hours:
Monday to Sunday, 8:15 – 14:00. Last entrance 13:30
Saturday to Sunday: 13:15 - 19:00. Last entrance 18:30.

The ground and the first floor are open to free visit. To access the second and third floors a free reservation is needed (+39 055 2388610)
The guided tours are scheduled at 10:00 - 11:00 - 12:00 (max. 25 people per visit).

The second and fourth Sunday, the first, third and fifth Monday of the month di ogni mese; 1st January, 1st May, Christmas.

Full ticket: € 6,00
Reduced ticket: € 2,00
Reservation fee: € 3,00